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Madinah Being your Must to Visit Destination

Ramadan Package 2018

Sacred act of performing Hajj and Umrah are like paying heartiest visit to the doors of highest deity for Muslims called Allah. Every year millions of Islamic followers pay their visit to both Makkah as well as Madinah to perform the highest act of worship.

Visiting Madinah is Equally Crucial

There is a section of individuals believe that going to Makkah itself considered as completion of Hajj as well as Umrah. Well this is certainly not a truth. The one who has embarked upon a holy journey of a lifetime either doing Hajj or Umrah has to pay his/her visit to Madinah i.e. at Mosque of Prophet Mohammed.

Therefore, you have to plan your trip in a certain manner to book hotel in Madinah also for performing rest of the rituals there.

Booking a Package is a Cost-Effective Decision

Instead of booking everything like flight tickets, applying for visa, accommodation, transportation and for guide separately hassle-free way is to book any affordable package.

This is like one in all deal for pilgrims coming from all across the world to make their holy act go completely budget soothing and convenient.

Of course, booking a package helps you get ready air tickets, visa and necessary assistance where you want without doing any extra efforts from your side.

Even visitors have complete freedom to select their own choice of accommodation in Madinah and can make online hotel booking in Madinah with simple mouse clicks.

Al Haram Hotel Madinah is a Preferred One

When it comes to find comfortable yet luxurious looking lodging in Madinah, one can definitely come across Al Haram Hotel Medina that truly deserves to be a 5-star accommodation.

Strategically located accommodation like this is just 100 meters of walking distance away from Holy Mosque and just 13 Km away from Prince Mohammed Airport.

Find the inside surroundings of the hotel magnificently sound with Arabic style architecture, carpeted floors, peaceful ambience and much more.

Staying in cosy rooms of hotel let you find modern set of amenities like air condition, free Wifi, private bathroom, complimentary toiletries and so on.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Al Haram Hotel by Rawda Madinah

Tranquility, peace, luxury and friendly are what define the true characteristic of a world class 5-star hotel. In a place like Madinah, which is a pious region for the Highest Deity, looking out for gratifying lodging is no hassle as Al Haram Hotel Madinah is available for wide range of travelers.

Al Haram Hotel in Madinah
Al Haram Hotel By Rawda in Madinah

If looking for a hotel in Madinah which is centrally placed and provide easy access to major tourist area, then staying inside this opulent lodging is a sure shot deal for guests. A well-placed hotel is quite close to Al Haram which is just 100 meters away that allow all the guests to reach the doors of Allah with complete comfort and ease.

One of the guests favored accommodation, is also located in the close route of Prince Mohammed Airport which is just 13 Km away.

Feel the Pleasure of Plush Rooms

One of gratifying things to look at in this 5 star hotel in Madinah is Arabian decorated style guest rooms. Featuring warm ambience prevailed inside, red carpeted floor and fine lighting present majestic feel to all the rooms.  In terms of facilities, rooms have night lamp, mini bar, satellite TV, private bathroom and much more relieve stress at an instant and also to feel maximum pleasure inside.
Free access to Wi-fi also let guests to perform number of personal as well as official surfing tasks s in a hassle free manner.

Madinah Being your Must to Visit Destination

Sacred act of performing Hajj and Umrah are like paying heartiest visit to the doors of highest deity for Muslims called Allah. Every y...